Media Consent Form

Media Consent

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Three Holy Youths Camp 2019 Media Consent Form – Camper

Throughout your stay at Three Holy Youths Camp (St. Sava Mission & Camp), staff members and Volunteers will be photographing campers during their experience at camp. However, it will also be used for purposes of promoting Three Holy Youths Camp, St. Nicholas Church and its programs.

During each session, the staff will be taking photographs of the participants’ activities and posting them on Facebook, and online websites through various Northern California Parish Pages. This common practice of many programs keeps parents and friends back home informed of the participant’s’ daily activities. Only participants’ first names (not last names) will be used on both Facebook and the website.

Please read the following, complete, and sign below.

I understand that it is the intention of Three Holy Youths Camp, St. Nicholas Church program to have my participation in the program recorded on videotape and in photographs which may be posted on the program’s website, used in camp session videos, and used in publicity materials.

I expressly agree to and grant Three Holy Youths Camp, St. Nicholas Church the right and authority to videotape and photograph my activities and to use any recording of my participation in the aforementioned program in any and all media. Such recordings and photographs become the sole property of Three Holy Youths Camp, St. Nicholas Church.

I give permission for the use of any video images, photographs, audio recordings, or any other visual or audio reproduction that may be taken of me during camp to be used in the camp video, on the camp website, for promotional purposes of the camp, or shown as Three Holy Youths Camp, St. Nicholas Church sees fit; in perpetuity.


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