The St. Nicholas Chapel at Camp Three Holy Youths is the physical structure of our lives as Christians, but also everything we do in our lives as Christians. Our entire experience as Orthodox Christians and as Disciples of Christ reflect around our life in St. Nicholas Chapel at Camp Three Holy Youths.

The structure of our camp is the structure that we should model our lives around as Orthodox Christians.

We begin with prayer as the first and last thing we do before we sleep and after we wake up. We take time to thank God for the gifts he has satisfied us with (food). We pray for our brothers/sisters, family members and loved ones and we pray for those who need it.

The Christian Life at Camp THY is the Christian Life we should all strive to achieve.

“For with two or three are gathered in my name, I am with them” Matthew 18:20


Celebrated daily as a morning service, except in place of Divine Liturgy, where only the Great Doxology will be celebrated.

The Orthros Service is our morning service, which starts our cycle of the week and praises God, His Creations, the Psalms, and Troparions of the day.

Divine Liturgy

United in worship of the Kingdom of God, the departed saints, and the angels. During the Divine Liturgy, the faithful take part in the Body (Bread) & Blood (Wine) and become one with God and the People and become the Body of Christ. Otherwise known as the Eucharist.

At Camp THY, Divine Liturgy only takes place on Wednesdays.


Celebrated every night as part of our weekly cycle of the week. The Vespers service celebrates the Creation of the world, God, and the Psalms, and Troparions of the day.

Great Vespers is celebrated in place of regular vespers the night before Divine Liturgy, and confession is offered.