Camper Registration

Beloved Camp Parent/Guardian,

We are overjoyed to announce the 2020 Camp Three Holy Youths Summer Camp Registration Dates. Camp will be held Sunday June 14th through Friday June 19th 2020 at our beloved St. Sava Mission. Registration is to be completed using this website, and payments to be completed in person, or online using our new registration system.

Regardless of previous participation and experience, it is crucial that you read, fill out, and complete all the forms listed.

Once your camper has been registered, you will receive an email with further details from our administrative staff email ( . A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is due 1 week post camper registration, and your camper’s spot will not be received until the deposit is received and processed. Camper tuition is $150.00 with an optional additional $25.00 for transportation to St. Sava Mission from St. Nicholas, and back.

We would love for everyone to join us, but we cannot accommodate everyone. Which is why it is crucial for you to register your camper early to guarantee a position on our 2020 camping year.

My dearly beloved, the reason we are able to keep camper costs so low are due to the generous donations of members of St. Nicholas Church, its parishioners, and other churches. With continued support we ask that you continue to donate to benefit our children as over 100 gather every summer to learn the True Word of God and His Love & Mercy.

Thank you, and please read the following information closely.

-Subdeacon Ilyan Baalbaki                                                                                                                                 Assistant Camp Director.


Payments & Cancellation􏰶:

Camper tuition is $150.00 with an additional optional charge of $25.00 for a ride from St. Nicholas to camp and back. Payments are to be made in full no later that 2 weeks prior to Camp THY. Payments may be made in person at St. Nicholas Church by cash, check, and Credit Card. Payments to St. Nicholas Church by check MUST be addressed to St. Nicholas Church, MEMO Camp.


***NEW*** Camper Registration online payments are now accepted. Make sure to check the blue box, up to 3 payments per 3 campers can be made by using the online payment system. A 2.9% fee for online transactions including an additional $0.30 will be added to the total at expense of the registrant.

Payments made to local Bay Area Churches MUST be addressed to the proper church so payment may be processed properly. Current Payments accepted at local parishes are Cash, & Check.

Only in extreme cases and with prompt notification are payments refundable. 

Camper & Conduct:

Campers ages 9-17 years old are eligible for camp through a parent or legal guardian.

All campers are expected to act in ways according to an Orthodox Christian setting. While all disciplinary action will be taken to attempt resolution on site, the Camp Director, and Assistant Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss campers for gross violations of camp rules. Parents or legal guardians will be responsible for arranging and covering costs for their child’s early departure. Parents or legal guardians will not be eligible for a refund

Counselors-in-Training (CITs):

Campers who are 18 years old may apply using the Volunteer tab. CITs will learn the same information and tools provided to counselors to assist counselors with their campers.


All campers should be covered by their family policy. While Camp Three Holy Youths & St. Nicholas Church will act as a guarantor, any costs incurred by the Camp in providing required treatment for doctor appointments, prescriptions, etc., will be billed by the parent/ legal guardian.


Transportation to Camp THY at St. Sava Mission is provided by St. Nicholas Church for an additional $25.00 per camper. Campers are met at St. Nicholas Church and accompanied by counselors/volunteers on their travel to St. Sava Mission. Parents are required to notify Camp THY of any travel arrangements one (1) week prior to the 2020 Camping dates. St. Nicholas Church, Camp Three Holy Youths, and its affiliates will NOT be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. St. Nicholas Church, Camp Three Holy Youths, and its affiliates will NOT be held legally liable for any injury, and nor will they or their affiliates cover any expenses for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


During the camping session, hundreds of photos will be taken of your camper during various activities. To view these photos, you must sign off on the Media Consent Form, which is a part of the online registration process. A video will be made available at a later date post camp for viewing.

Camp Activities:

Life at camp takes full advantage of an outdoor setting, . Activities include field sports, swimming, Overnight on-sight camping for some ages, and an overnight/ or daytime off-sight backpacking trip. Although the weather can range from high 80s to even high 90s throughout the day, the nights can be cold reaching temperatures as low as 40 degrees. It is critical that you pack according to the appropriate conditions.

More Information:

Upon being registered, various links and emails will be readily accessible to parents/ legal guardians necessary to prepare yourself and your camper for camp. Please be sure the correct email address is included in the Registration Form and be sure to include our email addresses as safe senders. ( & so correspondence from our office is not marked as spam.